The Beginnings of HisMessageInABottle

Where do ideas come from? How does a tiny gesture to brighten the life of a friend turn into an idea spinning out of control? While, I’m not entirely sure how the brain functions with chemicals, neurons, and synapses- I know that an idea such as HisMessageInABottle, is not something that I am capable of thinking up on my own.

When HisMessageInABottle dawned on me, I was activley searching and thinking for something to do in preperation for Easter. Instead of being traditional and fasting for lent- I wanted to be active. I wanted to give up something far more precious than chocolate.

During this search I was also indulging in Elizabeth Elliot’s book, Shadows of the Almighty. It’s the story of Elizabeth’s husband Jim Elliot who lost his life while teaching about Christ. Jim Elliot’s story taught me about the value of telling people about Christ and how it is the duty of Christians to spread His Message.

So- late one night, while lying in bed, an idea was born. I was toying around with the idea of writing a note with a piece of scripture and a quote in it and then giving it to a friend in the form of a message in a bottle. The more I thought about the idea, the more I liked it. What is more exciting than finding a message in a bottle? Especially when one finds His Message in that bottle.

One small gesture began to grow into a much bigger idea! What if everyone could receive an unexpecteed message in a bottle? How can you share His Message without making the reciever uncomfortable? How can you purposedly focus small actions on Him? How can I share the gospel today and everyday?

With all that in mind HisMessageInABottle was born. The concept is simple, I have business cards with the HisMessageInABottle website and e-mail printed on them. During my bible study, as I find Scripture that strikes me, I write a verse or two onto a business card. This serves two purposes: 1. It helps me to memorize the scripture and 2. It will serve as ‘His Message In A Bottle’. I then pray over each Message. Praying that the reader of the Message may find their joy in Him and discover or renew their faith in Him. And then on my every day travels, whenever the mood strikes, I leave a card behind. My goal is to hide these cards in everyday places, for everyday people.

So that’s it. It’s not complicated. It’s not hard to do. But hopefully it will have a large impact on someone. If one person takes the time to think of Him then it will be entirely worth it.

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