We are so excited to have you! Thank you for taking the time out of you busy, chaotic, and surely hectic life. The whole point of HisMessageInABottle is to tell you that you are loved. We love you and most importantly God loves you.

Did you find a HisMessageInABottle? Let us know where at The Message Map

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The What, Where & Why

The What

HisMessageInABottle is love. God’s love for you and our love for you! HisMessageInABottle exists to spread God’s Message. The messages are love notes found in His Message; pieces of  Scripture that have personally touched us during our studies of the Bible.

The Where

We are placing the ‘love notes’ in the most unexpected places. You can find HisMessageInABottle anywhere: in movie theatres, restaurants, or even in bottles along the ocean shore. The ‘love notes’ are scattered throughout our personal travels. Whenever and whereever the notion strikes we will leave a piece of Scripture behind for someone to discover.

Did you find a HisMessageInABottle? Let us know where at The Message Map

The Why

Our prayer is that whoever finds the Scripture will gain something from it- be it insight, curiosity or even the ultimate prize- Faith. We are trying to bring people to God’s Word. With each written Message a prayer is said for the person who will eventually read the verse- a pray for joy found in Him and a pray for faith, be it new found or renewed.

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Next Step

So you found your bottle, you came, you visited and now you are intrigued about God’s Message. It is time to venture out dear friend, it is time to learn about our great Father. Here are some points to help start this great adventure. This list is by no means inclusive, but hopefully it will be a start.

Access a Bible



Interested in the Christian journey and want to know the next steps?



She Reads Truth, a community of Women pursuing Jesus



He Reads Truth, a community of Men pursuing Jesus


Are you interested in sharing the love? Learn how you can share His love.

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Share the Love

If you would like to pass along the love it is easy! Pick a piece of Scripture, write it down, jot down our website (www.hismessageinabottle.com) and then toss the Message into the ocean, leave it on a park bench, or tuck it into a book- just be sure to pass along His love!